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A collage of road safety signs December 21, 2021 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

Things change when you’re behind the wheel of a huge vehicle. The stakes are higher and the challenges are greater. So at Eagle Logistics, we take trucker safety seriously both for our drivers and for the people around them. We want you to be effective, but even more so, wise and safe. Here are some truck driver safety tips.


One of the first best trucker safety tips is to practice defensive driving. We make mistakes, other drivers make mistakes, road conditions change, etc. They say, “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships,” and that’s true in the trucking industry as well. Driving reckless may help you beat the GPS to a destination this time, but if safety is the goal - and it should be - a driver is much better off long term to employ their better judgment and take a few measures:

  1. Assume You’re Surrounded by Bad Drivers

Occasionally other drivers will run a red light or pull out in front of you. So a good safety tip is to plan accordingly by leaving extra space, not speeding, remaining alert, staying aware, and following protocols. They say it’s better to be safe than sorry, which is true. It’s also true that to be delayed or inconvenienced is better than being sorry as well. 

  1. Follow the Regulations

Transportation laws and industry regulations are not chosen at random. They are based on data, experience, and a priority on safety for truck drivers and everyone else. So, trucker safety includes wearing your seat belt, using your signals, avoiding using your phone, and doing the other hundreds of actions required and recommended for a reason. 


Most people do not plan for accidents or misfortunes to occur. We often live in an unrealistic optimism that “it won’t happen to us.” But “it” likely will. It’s inevitable that at some point you will find yourself sitting roadside for a repair, or suffering in gridlocked traffic for hours, or waiting for law enforcement because of an accident.

  1. It Happens

Between the unpredictability of weather, other drivers, your own driving, and equipment failures, you need to assume that there is always a chance that today could be the day that “it” happens to you. So keep warm clothes, water, food, battery-powered phone chargers - and whatever else you may need if stranded for hours. Bring books, extra blankets, hand warmers, etc. 

  1. Be Alert and Aware

We mentioned being alert and aware of other vehicles, but it’s also true that you should be aware of your own actions, limitations, and dangers. Everything from using a three points of contact getting in and out of the truck; to making sure you are well-rested and unimpaired; to pre-tripping for brake, tire, mirror, and light problems; to staying abreast of weather changes; to minding your blindspots; to checking your emotional pulse to avoid any road rage episodes of yourself or others. 

Those are just four encompassing trucker safety tips that are in no way exhaustive. For example, we couldn’t find a good place to include safety tips on avoiding truck stop foods, identifying bad drivers by make and model of cars, calling ahead to gas stations to see when their bathrooms are scheduled for cleaning, and dealing with the public ridicule when your peers catch you doing needlepoint to relieve stress and the temptations of road rage, to mention a few.

Eagle Logistics cares about our drivers, and trucker safety is our top priority. That’s why we use newer rigs and equipment and maximize home time so our drivers are healthy in body and mind and ready to drive. If driving for us sounds appealing to you, contact us immediately. We are always looking for quality drivers, so give us a chance to explain why you should drive with us