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A yellow sign that says Career Get Started Now June 15, 2021 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

Aren’t you glad we’re all created for different roles? A kindergarten teacher might flourish in her classroom, but that doesn’t mean she would flourish as a sanitation worker, even though both jobs involve getting paid too little to clean up other people’s messes and do thankless work without screaming. Almost every person has something he or she does well and many things they don’t. Well, truckers are no different. We would like to write today about how you can know if you are meant to be an over the road truck driver. 


Jerry Seinfeld once said, “According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” See clip here If that describes you, maybe you are meant to be an over the road truck driver. Making presentations, meeting in committees, schmoozing clients - if those sound like activity hour in biblical Hell, perhaps you might rather be in a rig, making that bread while you tell your hilarious jokes to the only person with a perfect sense of humor: you! No office drama, no crowds, no politics. Think about it. 


There’s nothing like hearing stories or watching shows where a sorry soul is captured in an office cubicle cell or factory work station every day for years, working exactly how, when, where, and why he’s told. If you would rather watch life through a windshield and talk to people from different parts of the country and stations of life than you would through a cell phone on a 15 minute break, perhaps you’re meant to be an over the road truck driver. At Eagle Logistics, we understand that no one wants to be micromanaged. We are a company made up of people just like you.


Many people are content sitting at computers answering emails or taking unnecessary bathroom visits just to break up the numbing repetition of an average day in a mundane career setting, watching the clock, trying to do as little work as possible. But not you. You are a do-er, not a be-er. You have goals and deadlines that can be measured in hours or days, not fiscal years. For the most part, your success is in your own hands. You have a mission and a certain time in which to accomplish that mission. It’s you against danger and weather and the clock and you like it that way. 


An over the road truck driver goes places and sees sights many people never will. From local food and accents and culture, to landscapes and wildlife and climates, each day offers life experiences and out of the box living that are unmatched stateside. You’ll notice and appreciate more sunsets or sunrises in a month than most people do in a year. Seeing real people and real regions change on the daily does something for your soul. Day gives way to night, city to country, poverty to wealth, old to new, valleys to mountains, desert to forests, cold to warm. Does this sound appealing?  


We all want to be financially secure. It’s no different as an over the road truck driver. Here’s the good news: the trucking industry is growing and the pros say it will continue to grow. As the population continues to increase and the consequential need for shipping stretches, so does our job security. Wages are fair, stability is solid, and the future looks bright. Investing your years in trucking is a safer bet than many careers, so if security is important to you, you have started down the right path. 


There aren’t many jobs that allow people the luxury of introspection. Getting to know yourself, having uninterrupted thoughts, listening to podcasts or radio programs designed to improve yourself or your life, praying, dictating thoughts into a file on your phone - basically so many of the things that add to the quality of life can happen in the cab of a truck. Trucking is not always good for the soul: you miss out on a lot of important things, it’s hard to exercise, and solitude has its downsides, but if caring for yourself, growing, thinking, recharging are important to you, trucking isn’t a bad option.

At Eagle Logistics, LLC., our drivers are important because they are part of us. We have our mind in the trucking industry and our heart in our people. If, after reading our little list, you think that you might be an over the road truck driver...oh, have we got a deal for you! We offer competitive wages and benefits, guaranteed home time, the best equipment, a dedicated truck shop, and a great organizational culture. Come join us! Contact us here. Read more blog posts here