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A side view of a trucker sitting in the driver seat while holding a radio on his hand. July 21, 2020 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

Did you know that things start to break down if they’re old and not well-maintained? Well, of course you did! If you have an old computer you don’t regularly update, it won’t function as well as you’d like. If you don’t do regular air filter changes, your HVAC system won’t cool your house as much as you want it to during the summer. The same can be said about trucks in the sense that equipment can easily affect your trucking miles.

What we mean by that is this: as trucks get older, they’re more prone to break down, and newer equipment that’s well maintained, well, isn’t more prone to breaking down. At Eagle Logistics, our drivers are required to pull their trucks through the shop every single time the truck comes back to the shop. This way, the shop keeps fresh grease on moving parts and finds small issues before they become large issues. 

Having a driving job with a trucking company like Eagle Logistics where you are at the shop on a weekly basis means it’s a lot easier for mechanics to identify problems quicker. And, when you have a truck that runs properly, it means that you’ll get more trucking miles each week. And you know what more miles translates to? More money in your pocket.

While we’re talking about trucking miles, let’s get into how we deal with miles at Eagle Logistics. Many other trucking companies will hire drivers with a “per mile rate.” However, what’s not discussed is the amount of time the truck driver will be sitting somewhere looking for a load. Other companies also may also short pay deadhead miles (or miles the trucks drive with an empty trailer). 

But at Eagle Logistics, we understand that everyone needs to get paid for their time. That’s why we pay the same amount on all trucking miles driven for the week; including loaded, deadhead, or bobtail. You’ll also never set more than a day looking for a load since our customers are always busy throwing out more loads. 

So what does this mean for you? Having a properly working truck as well as getting paid properly for your trucking miles means you’ll make more money!

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