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A white semi truck on a highway with white capped mountains February 15, 2022 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

When people think of trucking, eco-friendly is not one of the top 50 ideas that come to mind. Hauling heavy loads, over a lot of miles, with less than ideal aerodynamics - we have a huge task if we want to make headway in reducing the environmental impact of our trucks on the road. But that’s all the more reason we need to do it. Did you know that the trucking industry in America contributes 50 percent of the nitrogen oxide in the air, 30 percent of the volatile organic compounds, and 20 percent of the particulate matter? We need to work on this. Here are some tips for making yourself a more eco-friendly truck driver.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Even with the inevitable inclusion of electric rigs, expending less energy to accomplish the same objectives is what we’re after. Strategies like 

  • Reduce speed

  • Drive trucks that are more aerodynamic

  • Keep tires inflated to recommended PSI

  • Limit idling time (saving billions of gallons per year)

  • Avoid unnecessary braking by leaving more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you

  • Use the cruise

  • Manage the inclines by picking up speed downhill to reduce fuel needs on the uphill

  • Use the air conditioning less

  • Lower the load height

  • Choose the shortest route on the GPS instead of the fastest

  • Cleaning or changing air filters can reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent

    Reduce Waste

    • Recycle trash (truck driver coffee cups alone are 80 million pounds of trash per year)

    • Repurpose tires and save 63 million tires from becoming trash

    • Switch to electronic logging instead of paper to save 150,000 trees per year

    • Avoid time wasters like peak traffic

    • Plan routes to avoid getting lost which wastes time and fuel

    • Use apps to optimize your time and reduce waste 

    We want to do what we can to waste less, trash less, consume less, pollute less, and be better all-around eco-friendly truck drivers where possible. We recognize many of the tips are not feasible all the time, but shaving a little here and there can make a gigantic difference. There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. If every one of them changed one habit, the effects would be profound.

    One of the practices Eagle Logistics has that makes us a little more eco-friendly is providing newer trucks. Not only are the trucks more pleasant and safer, they also use less fuel and operate at peak performance. Speaking of new trucks, we also need new drivers. Visit our application page if you’re interested. We are a thriving, family-oriented business that values our employees. Check us out and then contact us