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An aerial view of passenger cars and a tractor trailer traveling along an elevated highway interchange. June 20, 2023 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

When it comes to resetting your driving clock away from home, you are likely to feel a mix of relief and frustration washing over you. “Your 34” was designed to keep drivers safe and help them recover after a 60/70 hour driving week. Since it also requires you to do nothing but rest and there’s only so much time you can spend in your cab, you may be searching for beefier I95 rest stops, a more secluded patch of the earth, or a cool attraction to tell the folks back home about.


If you can’t be home for your 34, we’d like to offer a few great ways to reinvigorate your body, and refresh your mind. Here is a list of rest stops and activities that can help you relax, recharge, and find some joy. 


I95 Rest Stops


There are various rest stops along the I95 corridor. These locations offer clean bathrooms, eating spots, and resting areas. Many of these spots also have outdoor areas for you to quickly take in the surrounding scenery while catching a quick bite. This allows you to start your 34 with a refreshing, clean, and relaxing state of mind. 


Depending upon your route, you may need either a southbound or a northbound rest stop. The following sections outline some of the most popular I95 rest stops and welcome centers that you can find on either side of the highway.


Yulee, FL: Official Florida Welcome Center, 373 mile marker

Wentworth, GA: Georgia Welcome Center, 111 mile marker

Hamer, SC: South Carolina Welcome Center, 195 mile marker

Pleasant Hill, NC: Welcome Center, 181 mile marker

Woodbridge, VA: Rest Area, 155 mile marker

Laurel, MD: Maryland Welcome Center, 37 mile marker

Newark, DE: Biden Welcome Center, 5 mile marker

Morrisville, PA: Rest Area, 51 mile marker

Ridgefield, NJ: Rest Area, 115 mile marker 

North Stonington, CT: Connecticut Welcome Center, 108 mile marker

Salisbury, MA: Salisbury Beach Welcome Center, 90 mile marker

Kennebunk, ME: Rest Area, 25 mile marker


Grant-Valkaria, FL: Brevard County Rest Area, 168 mile marker

St. Marys, GA: St. Marys Welcome Center, 1 mile marker

Hardeville, SC: South Carolina Welcome Center, 4 mile marker

Rowland, NC: North Carolina Welcome Center, 5 mile marker

Woodbridge, VA: Rest Area, 155 mile marker

Skippers, VA: Virginia Welcome Center, 1 mile marker

Laurel, MD: Maryland Welcome Center, 37 mile marker

Newark, DE: Biden Welcome Center, 5 mile marker

Boothwyn, PA: Pennsylvania Welcome Center, 1 mile marker

Ridgefield, NJ: Rest Area, 115 mile marker

Darien, CT: Connecticut Welcome Center, 12 mile marker

Richmond, RI: Rest Area, 6 mile marker

Mansfield, MA: Rest Area, 10 mile marker

Seabrook, NH: Seabrook Welcome Center, 0.5 mile marker

Kennebunk, ME: Rest Area, 25 mile marker

Kittery, ME: Maine State Visitor Information Center, 3 mile marker


I95 Recreational Locations


In addition to I95 rest stops, you can find a host of recreational spots that could help you unwind in nature, take in some entertainment, and/or grab some food. If you don’t want to spend most of your 34 cooped up in your cabin, you can explore these locations off of I95 and give yourself the exhilarating break that you need. 


Some of these popular spots include:


Venetian Pool, Coral Gables, FL Enjoy a public swimming pool about half an hour drive from the highway. 

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA Visit this naturally-scenic public park that is located just around a 20-minute drive from the highway. 

Santee State Park, Santee, SC This state park is full of spectacular views, with around a 5 minute drive off the highway.

Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum, Littleton, NC Check out a supernatural museum that gives you a taste of the other world, located half an hour from the highway. 

Belle Isle, Richmond, VA This gorgeous public park features a hiking trail leading to it, about a 5-minute drive from the highway. 

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, Baltimore, MD This is a fantastic museum for fans of literature and the macabre that is located about 15 minutes off the highway. 

Brandywine Creek State Park, Wilmington, DE With stunning natural views, this state park is fewer than 10 minutes from the highway. 

Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA Stretch your legs at this public market with various stalls and eating spots, located about 15-minutes off the highway. 

Central Park, New York, NY Check off this legendary and historic park and the beautiful sights within; just a 20-minute drive from the highway. 

Nica’s Market, New Haven, CT This local market offers various options for food and is approximately a 10-minute drive from the highway. 

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA Check off another famous food market with highly-rated options, about 20-minute off the highway. 


Wherever your journey begins, you can rest assured that these I95 rest stops and activities can restore the spring in your step. We know you’d rather be taking your 34 at home, but when you can’t the Eagle Logistics LLC Team is looking out for you.