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Image of a hilarious road sign featuring a zombie crossing the street. May 02, 2024 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

When you spend the amount of time on the road that our drivers do, you’re bound to pass some interesting sights along the way. Hilarious road signs, bumper stickers, driver behavior, and license plates provide some amusement and joy while on a long road trip.

Let’s journey through a few funny signs and sights that we and other fellow drivers in the trucking industry have come across and laughed out loud at while traversing the nation’s highways.

Hilarious Road Signs

Here are a few of our favorite funny road signs:

Airplane Crossing

Sure, there are pedestrian crossing and all sorts of wildlife crossing signs that are more common out there, but have you ever seen an “Airplane Crossing” sign? There’s one out there near an airport that may make you take a second look, warning drivers of low-flying aircraft crossing the roadway.

Zombies Ahead

This may be a case of an electronic road sign being hacked, which is not condoned, but still makes for a good laugh nonetheless. The warning of zombies ahead, albeit distracting, is undeniably hilarious at the same time.

Cars in the Water and Bikes on the Bridge

The placement of a road sign makes a difference! This confusing sign was placed on the outer wall of a bridge, with an arrow pointing left for bicycle traffic and an arrow pointing right for cars, which suggests that cars should drive in the water.

If You Hit This, You’ll Hit the Bridge

It’s a warning sign that isn’t really a laughing matter, but one with tongue-in-cheek humor. Placed directly in front of an overpass, the road sign warns drivers of tall trucks that if they hit the sign, they will indeed hit the top of the bridge.

Sign Not In Use

This sign, which simply states, “Sign Not In Use”— is it useless and a waste of space if it makes you giggle?

Hilarious (And Odd) Driver Behavior

Truck drivers across the United States have shared hilarious, and sometimes downright odd behavior they’ve witnessed from other drivers while observing from up high above in their cabs. The most common sight they catch is a surprising number of people driving without pants!

One truck driver says he was passing a slow-moving car in the left lane and, when he looked over, the driver was eating a bowl of soup, and driving slowly to reduce spillage.

Another long-haul trucker on the road for nearly 20 years says that he has definitely seen his share of the weird and wacky from behind the wheel, but one scene while driving through Lexington, Kentucky really stands out. He looked over at the car beside him to see the driver playing guitar, with sheet music spread across the dash from door to door, all while maintaining a speed of 70 mph.

Lastly, a longtime trucker witnessed another driver with a cutting board in her lap slicing fruit for fruit salad, with a bowl sitting in the passenger seat.

Make Memories: Become a Truck Driver

You never know what you might encounter out on the road. One thing’s for certain, though, the life of a truck driver is never dull! If you have your Class A CDL driver’s license, Eagle Logistics LLC has full- and part-time positions open in OTR, regional, and local to haul products in the 48 contiguous states. With more than 30 trucks in its fleet, Eagle Logistics has been a family-owned business for over 37 years and always aims to maintain a family-friendly work environment. For more information, visit www.eaglelogisticslls.com.