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A truck driver in standing with his arms folded, smiling in front of a white truck. October 18, 2022 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

Once you become a trucker, you have to fulfill a ton of responsibilities. From taking care of your vehicle to being mindful of your own wellbeing, this includes a variety of aspects that need your attention on a daily basis. 

In between these tasks, it can be easy to experience pitfalls that lead you towards avoidable errors. To help you steer clear of such issues, here are common mistakes rookie truckers should avoid. 

Overlooking Safety Guidelines

When you get behind the wheel of your truck for the first few times, the experience invokes a distinct confidence within yourself. But even when you feel accomplished and excited, it is important that you don’t let that assertiveness get in the way of your safety. 

It is because guidelines such as following through with scheduled maintenance and practicing general road safety practices are there for a reason. They not only keep others safe, but also protect you and your vehicle. That’s why, you should make it a point to abide by all safety guidelines and follow them without failure.

Speeding Up Without Reason

When you are driving across cities and states, the temptation to speed up can be quite strong. But this particular practice can do more harm than good. Whether you are speeding through busy streets or clear highways, driving your truck at a faster speed can increase your risk of a collision.

This also drives up the severity of any road accident that you get into. This makes it yet another reason why speeding is one of the top mistakes rookie truckers should avoid. Instead, practice driving your truck under the speed limit and plan all your trips while keeping this necessary measure in mind.

Not Planning Your Trips Adequately

Speaking of planning for your trips, little to no thought behind your trips can also take its toll on you. If you are not aware of how many stops you need to make, how many hours it will require for you to reach your destination, and how much time it will take to manage your load, it can be detrimental to your career as a trucker.

Being mindful of these challenges, make sure that you take the time to plan your trips in a detailed and careful manner. With the availability of digital tools, you can also get accurate ETA as well as estimated hours of service. This goes a long way towards ensuring your proficiency, road safety, and your own health. 

Neglecting Your Own Health

If your truck is the heart of your one-man-operation, your own health is its very soul. In turn, if you deprive yourself of sleep, rest, and nutrition, it can reflect in your driving performance. This can be highly dangerous for you, your vehicle, as well as other motorists and pedestrians on the road. 

This makes the habit of neglecting your wellbeing one of the gravest mistakes rookie truckers should avoid. By managing your sleeping hours between your drives, eating your meals on time, and getting necessary stops over long distance trips, you can stay away from experiencing the negative effects of losing sight of your health. 

Avoiding these mistakes is not difficult, but they sometimes need some practice for you to completely stay away from them. As long as you make an effort to not commit these errors, you can enjoy your new job as a trucker with minimal issues. 

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