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Several semi trucks going down the highway September 21, 2021 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

There are certain principles in economics that are as true as the laws of gravity, and in that family of economic laws stands “supply and demand” proud and undefeated. We’re going to look at what that principle means for truck driver jobs. 

It doesn’t matter if you have all the computer chips for the world and you’re holding them for ransom, or if you own the race-winning stallion, or if you have the only lemonade stand on the block, you are going to raise the price for those products because you know people will pay more for them. It’s the same in the trucking industry when there are too many truck driver jobs and not enough truck drivers, such as it is currently. Sure, we’re selling a service and not a product, but people can’t get their products without our service. Therefore, trucking companies are charging more and, in turn, drivers can call for higher wages. So the trucking companies are paying more to drivers, like you! 

What supply and demand can do for you:

  • Raise Wages

  • Increase Benefits

  • Improve Working Conditions

  • Ensure Job Security

  • Provide more Mobility and Freedom

There is currently a shortage of around 350,000 drivers. That’s a lot of good-paying truck driver jobs to fill. Are you ready to step in and earn your share? 

Let’s be up front, there needs to be more to driving than a paycheck and there is. Truck driver jobs allow gritty people a chance to do something significant. Truckers:

  • Supply the country with its lifeblood. The trucking industry delivers more of our needed cargo than trains, planes, and boats combined. Without truckers, the country (and the world) stops. People can’t get medicine and other lifesaving equipment and materials. People lose their jobs. To truck is to literally save lives and livelihoods. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

  • National Security. In times of war and preparations for war, transportation is everything. Most wars are lost because supply lines get severed. Without truckers, our country would be disastrously vulnerable. 

People have said correctly that anything worth doing is worth doing well. But to carry that out, couldn’t we say that anything worth doing well is worth doing now? With truck driver jobs, people just like you are serving the country while providing a fair living for themselves and possibly loved ones. Think it over and contact Eagle Logistics ASAP! You need a job, we need good drivers, let’s work together!