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A silhouette of a semi truck against a sunset May 18, 2022 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

Society has come a long way in including women in traditionally male dominated fields. Trucking is no different. In fact, over 10 percent of all truck drivers are women. With an annually increasing need for more drivers, companies are looking for women to pursue a career in truck driving. Should it be you? 

Reason #1: You Are Needed! For Real!

One of the many things we learned during the initial phases of COVID-19 is that trucking is an essential business. When you as a woman fill the gap needed to keep the country breathing, you are essential for the essential industry. The industry needs more women. Whether it’s to bridge the gap for the country or raise the bar for the men or set an inspiring example to other young women, we need you to pursue a career in truck driving…pronto!

Reason #2: It’s Not a Men’s Club

The stigma that trucking is only for men is simply outdated. According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), women make up around 10 percent of drivers, 30 percent of executives, and 45 percent of non-executive personnelle. All of those numbers are climbing rapidly. If you aren’t inclined to drive, no sweat. A career in truck driving is only one of the places to thrive. Perhaps you see yourself in one of these roles:


  • Sales

  • Dispatch

  • Managerial

  • Administrative


You can often transition nicely to the trucking industry with skills acquired elsewhere. At Eagle Logistics, we’re always looking for competent, skilled people, and that’s true across the country.

Reason #3: Get While the Getting’s Good

Pay, benefits, safety, working conditions – all are improved and will continue to improve. Online shopping gets bigger each year, for just one factor. That shift alone makes the bean counters nervous. Just like the products we haul, price is determined by supply and demand. When the supply of truck drivers is lower than demand, guess what, the pay goes up. You could ride that wave. Additionally, trucking companies that thrive will attract and keep drivers through better perks and workplace culture. 


Here at Eagle Logistics, we are intentional about our perks and workplace culture. For perks, we offer guaranteed home time, an on-site truck shop, newer trucks, and a generous pet policy. For workplace culture, we do our best to treat our drivers the way we would want to be treated. We prioritize you as a person, which means we care about your safety and life off of the road more than the dollar. 


As we said, we are always looking for people who want to jump into our family here. We would encourage you to step out and test the waters of truck driving. For women making a career in truck driving or the trucking industry, we need you, and we think it’s a good deal for you, too. Contact us for info or to apply directly!