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A man wearing a red plaid shirt is driving a truck while smiling. August 17, 2021 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

We always ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to young children - you know the people who think being a professional basketball  player is just something that happens if you believe in yourself. But the worst part is we aren’t allowed to tell them the truth, that their parents are short and un-athletic and that a long shot dream does not make for the best career path. So we say things like, “Oh, that sounds like fun!” because in matters of huge life decisions, it’s always best to lie, right? But don’t lie to yourself! A solid plan for a solid career path is built on reality. 

If you are entering a truck driving career, first of all know that you’ve made a great decision. For many it’s a great way to see the country, be independent, make a decent wage, obtain job security, and play with big trucks and toys. At Eagle Logistics, we love trucking, so we may be a little biased. We understand, though, that not all aspects of trucking are the best fit for every person. It’s super important to research more about the industry and options to see where you fit best. It would be tragic to be unhappy in one branch of a truck driving career when there are others that would have made you much happier. So a little work pays off when it comes to vetting a career path. 

Do Some Research

You might find that you would like other jobs in trucking more than the actual driving. 

  • Office/clerical
  • Managerial
  • Dispatching and Logistics
  • Mechanics/Technicians
  • IT Support
  • Warehouse
  • Maintenance and Grounds
  • Courier
  • Many more

Search for Information on a truck driving career:

  • Salary
  • Common Benefits
  • Regulations
  • Time Home Expectations
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Options for a Career Path
  • Industry Projections
  • Job Placement/Retention Stats
  • Requirements
  • Reviews

When you start digging, you’ll uncover questions you didn’t know you had. When researching for a career path, go beyond sponsored websites. Read some blogs, talk to people you know in the trucking industry, observe truck drivers on the road and at stops. 

If over-the-road driving is unappealing, there are plenty of other options.

CDL Gigs:

  • Local Semi Driving
  • Bus Driving
  • Hauling Heavy (such as concrete trucks) 
  • Special Deliveries (usually heavy or expensive such as vehicles)

Non-CDL Gigs:

  • Moving Trucks
  • Light Delivery
  • Chauffeuring, Uber, etc
  • Jobs Involving Most Trailers

Take Action

You can get your CDL if necessary. That will take quite a bit of study and practice and we recommend truck driving school, because it’s more than worth it. Bite the bullet here at the beginning and a world of opportunities will open for you. 

While you’re doing that, look for jobs in the field of your choice. The job sites are overflowing with opportunities for many specific areas of a truck driving career. Trucking is a broad industry and finding a career path is easier than ever now. Part of the searching and applying for jobs, as you know, involves resumes and cover letters sometimes. And then you’ll need a few people that will be your references. They will either need to be former or present superiors or friends that love you enough to lie for you. Not really. They don’t need to love you. 

At Eagle Logistics, we know trucking, all the good and the bad. Since we do know all of that, we would be an excellent business to work for as a beginner. We think of each other like family here and we feel like we have a pretty good thing going. So consider a truck driver career and consider Eagle Logistics. You need a job, we need drivers. Contact us and let’s see if we can help each other.