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An adult wearing a safety vest and hard hat is holding a clipboard and walking in front of several parked commercial vehicles. April 27, 2023 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

As a truck driver, you're responsible for ensuring that your truck is in good working order and safe for the road. To do this, it's essential to have a comprehensive truck maintenance checklist. A well-maintained truck provides significantly safer driving environments, and saves money in the long run. Let’s break down what should be checked and how often it should be checked, so you can better manage your truck's maintenance.

Daily Truck Maintenance Checklist 

A daily checklist is an essential part of truck maintenance and driver safety. Functional daily truck maintenance checklists should include tasks such as checking the oil, tire pressures, brakes, suspension system, lighting, and all safety features. Additionally, it should include visual inspections of the engine compartment and cab area for any signs of wear and tear or damage.

Weekly Truck Maintenance Checklist 

Every week, your vehicle should receive a more in-depth check of things such as the steering and suspension systems, brakes and tires, engine belts and hoses, and battery terminals. 

Monthly Truck Maintenance Checklist 

At least once a month, you should also be making sure that all of the parts on your truck are in good working order. This includes checking the above, as well as filters and fluids, exhaust system (leaks/loose fittings), and cab interiors. Depending on how often your truck is driven, you may consider checking the air filter and coolant levels more frequently.

Quarterly Truck Maintenance Checklist 

On a quarterly basis, you should be inspecting more complex components of your truck, such as all lights and signals to ensure they are in proper working order. It's also important to verify that all safety-related components (fire extinguishers, safety cones, etc.) are in place, and in excellent condition.

Semi-Annual Truck Maintenance Checklist 

Finally, twice a year it's important to check all grease points, gasket areas, rotors/drums, transmission, and differential. Additionally, you should check the air conditioning system and make sure that all fluid levels are optimal.

By following the above schedule and checklists, you can help ensure that your vehicle stays in first-rate condition and is safe for you to operate. Furthermore, diligent vehicle maintenance can reduce expensive, avoidable repairs and extended downtimes.

By performing regular inspections and maintenance, Eagle Logistics ensures the safety of its drivers and the satisfaction of its clients. Visit our career page to learn more about joining our team.