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Close up of a person with one hand on the steering wheel of a big rig July 19, 2022 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

Eagle Logistics is going to discuss CDL disqualifications in a moment, but first let’s hear about the creation of one of the new qualifications, because not doing a qualification is one of the surest ways to be disqualified. (See how to get a CDL)

[With the nation facing a critical shortage of truck drivers, influential policy makers hold an invitation-only meeting to discuss problems facing the industry. The room is bright and abuzz with anxious energy as the two experts discuss solutions to the driver shortage.]

Person #1: What if we lobbied to get fuel rebates that we pass on to the drivers, or at least a portion of them?

Person #2: I like where you’re at, Bob, but what if we made it more difficult for people to become drivers?

Person #1: I think a lot of people want to know how that would help. What would you say to those people who feel like making it more difficult to get a CDL will create another unnecessary barrier to finding good drivers. 

Person #2: [Shuffles in his chair with excitement.] You see, Jim, raising the costs on the customers will cause product demand to go down and we won’t actually need more drivers. 

Person #1: Interesting. Any idea how we would implement these? 

Person #2: Sure, Sure. I’m glad you asked. What if we make the CDL test more difficult, perhaps so abstract and detailed that most actual truck drivers find the test unnecessary for doing their job.  I mean, that will weed out people who don’t enjoy the tedious bits of formal education. And that’s just for starters.

Person #1: Is there any data to suggest people willing to take the test are better drivers than those who prefer not to?

Person #2: No. But that’s only because people discouraged from driving never drive. We assume the test weeds out bad drivers. 

Person #1: Hmm. And the good ones, I guess, or just people who don’t like tests. But, let me stop you right there, Bob. I think this is the kind of thing we need. What better way to help the country, customers, and the drivers than to create more obstacles. People love obstacles. Have you ever seen the show WipeOut? Any questions from the press at this time?

Journalist: Have either of you ever been in a Semi before? 

[Pregnant pause. All rise and exit.]

Okay, enough of that ornery little sketch. Tests are good. We don’t want motorcyclists driving without the necessary skills and knowledge to drive. And with driving something large and heavy, it’s even more critical. We just wanted to take a stab at bureaucracy and what better way to do it than through our far reaching, boat-rocking Eagle Logistics blog

Let’s transition now, though, to what CDL disqualifications there are for drivers.  


(from the Missouri Department of Revenue website)

  • Accumulation of points for traffic offenses occurring while operating any vehicle, such as speeding, careless driving, driving while intoxicated

  • Driving any motor vehicle with a .08% or more Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or if under 21 years old driving with a .02% or more BAC (administrative suspension/revocation)

  • Driving without insurance (administrative suspension)

  • Refusal to submit to chemical testing when requested to do so by law enforcement (one year administrative revocation)

  • Court-ordered suspension or revocation of license for a drug or alcohol related offense (Abuse and Lose administrative action against license)


  • Failure to Appear Disqualification (Non-Member States)

If drivers are supposed to appear for court in a “non-member state” (Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin), then they would lose their license in Missouri. The license is returned when non-member state declares the issue resolved

60 Days Disqualification

  • Two serious traffic convictions within three years:

    • Reckless driving

    • Speeding 15 mph or more above the posted speed limit

    • Improper or erratic lane changes

    • Following too closely

    • Any moving violation relating to a fatal crash

    • Driving a CMV without obtaining a CDL

    • Driving a CMV without CDL in possession 

    • Driving a CMV without proper class of CDL or endorsement/restrictions.

  • One railroad-highway grade crossing violation while driver is operating a CMV.

90 Days Disqualification

  • First conviction for violating an out-of-service order

120 Days Disqualification

  • Three or more serious traffic convictions within three years: 

    • Reckless driving

    • Speeding 15 mph or more above the speed limit

    • Improper or erratic lane changes

    • Following too closely

    • Any moving violation relating to a fatal crash 

    • Driving a CMV without obtaining a CDL

    • Driving a CMV without CDL in possession

    • Driving a CMV without proper class of CDL or endorsement/restrictions

  • Second railroad/highway grade crossing violation

180 Days Disqualification

  • First traffic conviction for operating a CMV while under an out-of-service order

  • First traffic conviction for transporting hazardous materials while under an out-of-service order

  • First traffic conviction for transporting 15 passengers or more while under an out-of-service order

1 Year Disqualification

  • Driving a CMV with a BAC of 0.04% or higher

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Refusing blood and/or breath test if the person is a CDL holder

  • Failing to stop at the scene of an accident if the accident causes injury or death

  • Using a CMV to commit a felony

  • Driving a CMV with a revoked, suspended, canceled, or disqualified privilege

  • Causing a fatality through the negligent or criminal operation of a CMV (includes the crimes of motor vehicle manslaughter, homicide by motor vehicle, and negligent homicide)

  • Making a false statement on any application for a CDL

  • Third or subsequent railroad-highway grade crossing violation within three years while operating a CMV

2 Year Disqualification

  • Second traffic conviction within ten years for driving a CMV while out-of-service

3 Year Disqualification

  • First conviction for any one of the top seven violations listed under one-year disqualification while transporting hazardous materials

  • Third or subsequent conviction within ten years for violating out-of-service orders while operating a CMV

  • Second or subsequent conviction within ten years for violating an out-of-service order while operating a CMV and transporting hazardous materials or transporting 15 passengers or more

Lifetime Disqualification

  • Second conviction for any one of the top seven violations listed under one-year disqualification

  • First conviction for using a motor vehicle in the manufacture or illegal distribution of drugs. Not eligible for 10-year reinstatement

  • First conviction of using a commercial motor vehicle in the commission of a felony involving an act or practice of severe forms of trafficking in persons as defined and described in 22 U.S. C 7102(11). Not eligible for 10- year reinstatement

Imminent Hazard Disqualification (not to exceed one year)

  • Determination by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that a person's driving constitutes an imminent hazard

  • Masking of Traffic Violations for CDL Drivers Not Allowed

  • The courts are not allowed to defer imposition of sentence, suspend imposition of sentence, or allow a CDL holder or person required to have a CDL to enter into a diversion program that prevents a conviction regarding traffic control laws, in any type of vehicle, from appearing on the person's driving record

Driver Improvement Programs

No driver improvement program in lieu of points is currently allowed for offenses that are committed in a CMV. Driver improvement programs are not allowed by any person for any offenses committed in a CMV or by any CDL holder whether the offenses are committed in a noncommercial or commercial motor vehicle.

Limited Driving Privileges

Limited Driving Privileges (LDP) will not be issued to operate a CMV during any period of suspension, revocation, cancellation, or disqualification.

Limited driving privileges:

  • Allow continued driving, in a noncommercial vehicle, for employment or specified reasons during a period of suspension or revocation.

  • Are not available at all during a period of disqualification of CDL privilege.

  • Are not available for certain suspensions/revocations such as felonies or alcohol-related actions.

  • Applications may be obtained at local license offices, or a petition may be filed with the circuit court in the county of residence or employment.

There you have it. CDL disqualifications herein were ripped off of the State of Missouri’s website. If all of these rules seem tedious, perhaps you’ve never been unemployed, lol. That’s pretty tedious as well. Don’t forget to sit near a window in order to get enough Vitamin D. We’re mostly kidding. Of course it’s tedious. Rules often are. However, they are necessary, often, and just part of the package of being a truck driver. 

Speaking of being a truck driver, we would love to have you! We try really hard to be the kind of place we want to work…because we do. We offer competitive pay, benefits, guaranteed home time, and generous pet and passenger policies. If you’re interested, contact us immediately. You’re needed and you’ll be appreciated at Eagle Logistics, LLC.