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Close up of a large truck driving down a highway during sunset March 15, 2022 - BY EagleLogistics LLC

At Eagle Logistics we hate tooting our own horn. (See what we did there?) But, we do have to sell ourselves, so here it goes. As a smaller trucking company compared to the big guys we see all over the country, there are services and benefits we are able to offer they simply can’t. Plus, we know you value supporting a company that values its drivers, which we do really well. Between those two elements - providing a great environment for our drivers and the quality services we offer - we hope you agree that Eagle Logistics is a trucking company you want to support and trust. Let’s look at those two key advantages we have over the bigger companies.

What’s In It for You

While our prices are competitive, we still manage to cater to the specific needs of your business. We know from our experience and the stories of frustrated drivers that have come to us that bigger companies treat their customers in cookie cutter fashion. It’s not feasible that they can tailor their practices for each job or company, but we can. We have the size, experience, and purpose to offer that personalized service. There are others advantages as well:

  • Thorough, Detailed Fact Finding and Understanding of Your Needs 

  • Personalized Plans and Processes

  • Responsive, Competent Customer Support

  • Reliable Drivers, Equipment, and Management

  • Friendly and Genuine Relationships With Our Customers

  • Appreciation for Each Customer That Shows in Our Performance

What’s In It for Others

One of our key distinctive traits at Eagle Logistics, as a smaller trucking company, is that we are blessed to be in a position to know and care for our drivers. When you support us, you’re not only supporting a local, family owned business, many times you’re also supporting our drivers’ career satisfaction and their loved ones. Couple that with the effect you can have on the industry by putting pressure on the big dogs and where you put your money and support really matters. Let’s just look at some of the benefits to other people:

  • Offers an Excellent Resource and Opportunity for Regional Drivers

  • Supports a Smaller, Local Community

  • Provides Good Pay, Benefits, and Working Conditions

  • Keeps Our Customers and Drivers Feeling Like a Valued Person and Not a Number

  • Improves the Quality of Life for Drivers by Having Guaranteed Home Time,  Personal Care and Support, Safe and Dependable Rigs, and Our Pet and Passenger Policies

  • Improves Conditions for All Drivers in the Industry Because Bigger Companies Have to Compete With Us for the Best Drivers

Eagle Logistics is a successful trucking company made up of competent, kind, effective employees operating with professionalism and care for our customers. But now that the horn has been tooted, give us a chance to prove we deserve your business. Contact us for quotes or with questions!